May 05, 2015

Taking a {coffee} break

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February 03, 2015

My impromptu capsule wardrobe

Image via Chelsea Francis

Have you heard of (or tried) doing a capsule wardrobe? Lots of bloggers are taking part by selecting a small amount of clothing items to remix and wear over and over throughout a season. Though I love a good closet edit, I wasn't planning on participating. But due to some home remodeling that has most of my wardrobe in storage through the end of February, I found myself participating in an impromptu, month-long capsule!

Here are my items:

1 pair of dark jeans
3 pairs of black leggings/tights
1 blue/grey tunic dress
1 long tan and white striped sweater
1 long sleeve black and white striped henley
1 black tank
2 cardis (black and white floral and plain black)

1 navy heavy coat
1 black faux-leather jacket
1 pair of gloves

2 pairs of flats (both patterned Toms)
2 pairs of boots (black booties and snowboots)
1 pair of tennis shoes

2 pairs of workout pants
2 workout shirts
1 pair of PJs
7 sets of undies and socks
2 bras
3 pairs of earrings

With the exception of the coats and shoes, all of this fits into a carry on sized suitcase. To be honest, I wish I had one thicker sweater (it's been cold) and a few more accessories (necklaces and scarves). But, I packed with the intention of being without a full closet for about a week.

Besides that, I sort of love the idea of only having a few curated options. It makes getting dressed super easy and I don't think anyone has noticed that I'm wearing the same few items over and over.

At this point, I can barely remember the wardrobe pieces I am missing! I think I'll try to keep as few items as possible on hand moving forward (especially now that I'll be sharing a closet with my hubby)!

Would you ever try a capsule wardrobe?

January 05, 2015

Meal planning printable

Happy New Year! It's everyone's favorite time to get organized, make goals and start fresh. We did a big cleaning/cooking/donating session over the weekend and feel ready to tackle 2015!

While browsing Pinterest, I found this cute meal-planning (free!) printable from Emily Ley and thought I would share. I filled in our go-to dinners and breakfasts (we usually freeze or use up leftovers for lunches).

Instead of planning meal by meal, week by week, you list out your go-to meal ideas. You know, the ones you usually know by heart and can probably make with items already on hand! Super helpful for those times where you just can't think of what to make! Notice those two empty spaces at the bottom? I'd love to hear your favorite go-to dinners or breakfasts and make them my own!

Download Emily Ley's free printable here and view her other printables here!


p.s. Here's more info about some of my favorite make-ahead meals!